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Property Services

Property Location and Purchase


Pure France Now is able to provide help, advice, and assistance concerning all aspects of Buying, Renting,or Searching for the right property to suit your purpose in the Roannais region of the Rhône-Alpes.

You are dealing with both English and French people who have been involved in both property purchase, renovation, conversion and development specifically in this region during the last 12 years.

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you through the complete buying process, as well as assisting with any renovation, conversion, and interior design required

Our database of certificated contractors, enterpises and local artisans which have all been vetted, and, in most cases, directly used by ourselves on other
projects, ensures that quality and cost is carefully controlled and formally

This includes: Architects, Suveyors, Building Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, Painters and Decorators, Interior Designers, Pool Installers, Gardeners, etc.

Legal assistance is available through government certified notaires who are based in the region, and are easily accessible. We are able to recommend notaire practises which are either highly recommended by our regional contacts or those that we, ourselves, have used.

Translation services are also available, and can be arranged if required.

Design or Project Control costs for installation, renovation, and development of a property are either negotiated by ourselves via a commission from individual contractors, and form part of the fully detailed and agreed estimates for each stage of the project, or we agree and confirm a set fee based on the complexity and timescales of the type of project concerned.

All fees, and building costs are normally agreed and charged on a stage payment basis.

We basically operate as your site manager and liaison in France, but also with the remit of regular communication and updates on progress.

Our interests are your interests!

A Personal and Tailored Service


To  ensure that an accurate approach  to your property needs  is achieved, a brief profile of your personal and general requirements is prepared so that a targeted search for the appropriate style, size, and cost of property can be instigated.

We would normally do this via an e-mailed profile form, but direct contact via telephone is also encouraged to establish good rapport and to develop good communication with all our clients.

We need to understand  and know you as ‘real’ people and not just an anonymous buyer. This way, you will get the best from us, and we will get the satisfaction and rewards of providing a successful solution.

We operate on a ‘team’ approach basis, with trust and honesty being key.

Once we have a clear and positive idea of your property requirements we will instigate our searches, then provide up to 6 property options for you to consider.

There are no costs for this initial property search.

Once we have provided you with the results of our property search and you wish to view all or one of the properties, then we will arrange dates and times for viewings to be agreed with yourselves.

We can also advise and assist on all arrangements for your trip to France, including transport whilst in France, or you may choose to make your own arrangements.

Costs, Agreement, and Assistance


There are no hidden charges for our services, and we always endeavour to keep your costs to a minimum at all times.

All our costs are defined up front, and charged in the normal way via an agents commission which is received by us after a property is purchased.

For property purchases in France, this percentage commission fee is paid by the seller, and not by you, the buyer, so there is no direct cost to you at the purchase stage.

For your property sales in France, and for our own private portfolio of properties this commission fee percentage is usually included within the agreed sale price of the property, and agreed and confirmed with the you (the seller) prior to property marketing. For us this is usually no more than 5% of the sale price, and often less) These charges can be in access of 10% through some agents in France ! )

With some of our French agency-linked properties, just a  3% handling fee is included, and no other add-on fee.

We aim to reduce agency charges, keep it simple and cost-effective, and negotiate discounts or reductions on most properties featured on our Pure France Now website.

Our close professional relationship with one of the major property agencies in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes region means we are able to influence and control price negotiations successfully.

This fee also covers our service to you throughout the progress to purchase, and any assistance or help you may require prior to completion. There are no hidden extra charges for this service.

Payments are only made by you, the purchaser, once your notaire is at the point of contractual completion, and not before.

For our assistance in all matters, and on your behalf, we confirm all details of our service and the specific property to be purchased, and provide you with a letter of agreement  which is legally required for the transaction process to commence.

Once this is agreed and signed by Purefrancenow and yourselves we are able to move forward with confidence towards a successful purchase.

We, then, remain with you all the way!

Honest and Experienced Help


And beyond!  That is, If you would like expert assistance, creative direction, and general help with the renovation and development of your new property.

We then get personally involved with your specific project and work as a ‘team’  together with you for a common objective.

You would be working directly with the owners of Purefrancenow (Brian and Lucy Franklin) who have already handled their own and similar projects in France and England, know all the French procedures, and have French and English-speaking people on-site to help with explanations and translations all the way.

We are also able to call upon tried and tested French artisans and companies who are based in the region, and we know are efficient and cost-effective, and their work and service is both reliable, and of  an excellent quality.

We also provide a totally honest, open, and direct approach to all aspects, including feasibility of design and concepts, timescales, and costs.

So, initially, just talk to us without any commitment, and then decided how you wish to proceed with the devlopment and renovation of your new French home.