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Jean Guy Lathuilière


Jean Guy Lathuiliere is highly creative internationally renowned photographer. He lives in a village near Roanne in the Roannais region of the Rhône-Alpes, France.

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A Fine Art professional as well as a talented photographer, he remembers: “As a young boy, I had discovered the truths of etymology and the obvious logical ways to create a new word in order to name a young science or a new practice. This revelation, the real sense of the word ‘photography’ plunged me into a deep musing. Photography : Art of writing with light.” “After a quarter of century of a passionate relationship with the image I probably know more clearly today why, and how, the romance was born, and with what intensity the charm has lasted, and why it has held me so long in its captivating embrace.” Jean Guy endeavours in his remarkable pictures to discover an essence of truth reflected in everyday life and the world around him.

His images, although creatively impactful in their own right, they are also highly thought-provoking, and stimulate strong emotive response from the viewer. He views his particular approach to photography as a fundamentally creative process based both on logic and emotion. “There is no paradox more strange and equitable than that of capturing the essence of a world clear and fast as a stream in images, compared to that which is often obscured and laboriously inscribed on the written page.” His philosophical approach to image creation continues to this day. Jean Guy was born to be a photographer.

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