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Jean-Pierre Pyat


Jean-Pierre Pyat started painting in November 1964 and has hardly ever stopped since. He is a dedicated and prolific creator of superbly crafted images from everyday life, as well as landscape, and figurative.

At first concentrating on figurative realism, then, as the years went by, he discovered more of what really interested him, with influences of artists such as Veermer, Rembrandt, Monet, Hopper, Wyeth, Rockwell… “Painting is learning, indefinitely, and, for me, rediscovering the thread of a lost tradition which has become hard to fit in this day and age. For me, it seems, the time necessary to become a painter is unbelievable, almost incomprehensible. In fact, I have never looked for any kind of exhibition until a few years ago.”


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Château de Beaulieu, Riorges 1998

Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne, 2003

Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne 2005

Galerie Regards Martigues, 2008

Galerie Regard Martigues 2009