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John Clough


John Clough was born in Whiston, South Yorkshire in 1948.

His post-war childhood was idyllic and his love of nature and his appreciation of natural colours and textures are now reflected in his paintings.


Profile Continued…..

John’s big ‘life changing moment’ occurred when his art teacher, gave him a book called “The Life and Letters of Vincent Van Gogh” He found it a creative inspiration which kick started his wonderful journey into the world of fine art. His first success was gained aged 14 when he was awarded first prize in the Royal Horticultural Society Arts show.

He developed his talent for painting at Rotherham College of Art, gaining a distinction at his closing show.

Then followed a successful career in Advertising, Marketing and Graphic Design for many years, gaining numerous directorships.

His paintings are often privately and corporately commissioned, and he has also exhibited his works throughout England, including France, and recenty, in Dubai.

John has a particular penchant for both natural and urban landscapes, and the colours and surfaces revealed. He has a distinctive and impressionistic approach which he uses to create both linier style abstract imagery as well as more traditional, ambient landscapes, often taking his inspiration from the dramatic and beautiful rural hillsides of northern England.