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Mike Ford



Mike Ford found his artistic passion and vision when a career change took him from Yorkshire to London in the 1970’s. For five years he travelled the world as assistant to the celebrated fashion photographer Robert Belton, and Mike regards this time as an awakening, his stimulus to produce striking commercial images.


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After leaving London Mike joined a daily newspaper, and his experiences as a press photographer resulted in a desire to capture an arresting image efficiently and without “fuss”. He continues this working pattern to this day.

Now semi-retired, but still taking photographs and continually creatively energised, Mike now has more time to travel and without commercial pressures, he now shoots images to please himself and hopes others will enjoy his view of the world. He says “I am fascinated by the interplay between colour and tone, the relationship between a person and the space they occupy at any given moment…. ”

Mike has exhibited at the Geras Tousignant Gallery and Spectrum in San Francisco, USA, and numerous other galleries. He has recently completed a major show in Dubai. More exhibitions and events are always on the horizon, both in the UK and internationally. With such an original and dynamic attitude towards imagery and art there are always opportunities for Mike Ford to display his creative wares!

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