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Coming soon: New Art-Poetry Book from Brian Franklin


A new compilation of poetry and art from Brian Franklin will be published soon.

Following in the creative page footsteps of  the 1st and 2nd series of ‘Tricks of the Mind’, this new 3rd book features an eclectic mix of verse, prose, and observations, including the thought-provoking art imagery of Jean-Marc Dublé.




Feel all the music smash inside your head
Dream sounds like the flowers are all dead
Take a trip down the orange sunshine line
Don’t come back until you find your mind
Pretty girl gyrating with long golden hair
Snaking naked around hawkwind’s lair
Guitar solo crashing through your brain
Dancing like mad skeletons in acid rain
There’s no going back once you take a tab
Always one chance you’ll end up in rehab.
See all the furniture melt before your eyes
Don’t get scared if there’s a shock surprise.
Smoke rings circle on the mirrored ceiling
Cracks in a coffin seem strangely appealing
Half drawn joint dangles from your hand
Finger angles that you cannot understand
Dark fire night folds like a vampire’s cloak
Black sabbath witches in cauldron smoke
Enter eagerly into the politics of ecstasy
Reach nirvana after a psychotic fantasy
Free as a raven bird high in a rainbow sky
Falls flightless to the ground wondering why.
Zeppelin angst tasted in the zeitgeist room
Fate’s future lies true in today’s reality doom
Soul set for no escape in a mindscape chance
Strange sex whilst in a pure chemical  romance
Thinking is the best way to travel in no shoes
Lyrical tunes could give you the moody blues
Don’t get the giggles when you touch the moon
Morning’s sunlight will dawn again too soon
After it’s all over you realise what you’ve done
Then take a ride again now you’ve learnt to run

(Copyright of Brian Franklin © 2016)