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Maison Pralus opens new shop in Lyon.

François Pralus opens his first main Lyon shop in October/November 2013 at 32 Rue de Brest, Lyon. So far this new Pralus Boutique has hit record sales during its opening month. The Lyonnaise has been waiting while to taste the quality of Pralus’s chocolate products and patisserie selection, including the famous Praluline brioche. It looks […]



Marie Antoinette Guillotine Anniversary – 16th October 1873.

It was the anniversary of Marie Antoinette’s Guillotining at the Place de la Revolution in Paris this Tuesday, 16th October. Marie Antoinette, born Archduchess of Austria, was in line to become Queen of France when she married the future Louis XVI of France in 1774. She’s famous for something she likely never said, “Let them […]