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The Roannais to Gaudi, Picasso, and Miro in Barcelona ! by Brian Franklin

The Roannais to Gaudi, Picasso and Miro in Barcelona ! Upward and onward we go on our sensational journey through Barcelona, sampling its myriad exquisite delights – in glorious sunshine from stunning scenery and amazing architecture to gastronomic pleasures and fabulous art. Montjuic, in particular is a spectacular vantage point from which to view the […]


The Roannais to Barcelona by Brian Franklin

From the Roannais in the Rhone-Alpes to Barcelona, one of the great Mediterranean cities, is certainly a longish drive. But a magical one, all the same, particularly with visits and stop-overs on the way, such as medieval Carcassonne, and Salvador Dali’s home town of Figueres, as well as his famous house in Port Lligat by […]


The Roannais to Salvador Dali’s Country by Brian Franklin

It does not take long from the Roannais, in the Rhône-Alpes (and our base near the medieval village of Perreux) to enter the original and surreal world of Salvador Dali. A delightful stop-over in Carcassonne, and then onward (or, I should say, downward) towards Barcelona. Conveniently enroute with just a slight, but pleasant detour, and […]