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Grand Café Des Négociants Lyon.

  Built in 1864, the Grand Café des Négociants with its warm Second Empire decor is part of Lyon’s history. This is a place where diamond and silk merchants as well as wholesale butchers traded their wares (using the many mirrors hanging in the main room to communicate secretly using sign language) and politicians, artists […]



Café Fédérations in Lyon.

  The essence of Lyonnais cuisine are the bouchons, simple pub-like bistros that serve all known forms of pork, offal and other delights for those who have a less delicate disposition.  The Cafe des Federations, with its gingham tablecloths, sawdust on the floors and sausages on the ceiling, is the most celebrated bouchon in Lyon.  […]



Maison Troisgros’ Colline du Colombier – C’est magnafique!

  If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all and enjoy the gorgeous French countryside, it doesn’t get much better than La Colline du Colombier. La Colline is the brainchild of Michel Troisgros and his wife, Marie Troisgros. Indeed, Troisgros’ 3-star Michelin restaurant is in the nearby town of Roanne, and […]



Amazing Restaurant L’Astrée

One of the best restaurants in the French township of Roanne in the heart of the Roannais region of the Rhône-Alpes. Exquisite food in exquisite surroundings, and which doesn’t break the bank! Family-owned and run with chef de cuisine, Simon Falcoz in dynamic charge of the kitchen since 1983. L’Astrée is perfect for a sumptuous […]



Famous 3 Michelin-starred restaurant La Maison Troisgros is Moving!!

Yes, it’s true! After over 40 years, La Maison Troisgros, based in Roanne, and internationally renowned 3-star establishment, is packing it’s cutlery and chefs, and moving to the village of Ouches on the edge of the Roanne township. After considerable reflection, Michel and Marie-Pierre Troisgros have made the major decision to move the restaurant and […]



Chateau de Champlong should be a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Roannais! By Brian Franklin

There is no doubt following our recent visit to Château de Champlong for a celebratory family meal that the accumulation of stunning surroundings, service, quality and imagination of menu from the kitchen of Olivier Boizet, that this superb establishment should be awarded a bright and shiny Michelin star very soon. This month we came away […]


A gastronomic adventure at L’Aventure in the Roannais. By Brian Franklin

Once more unto the breach, my friends…! Okay, so I would rather eat than fight, that’s reasonable enough! And who wouldn’t at another surprising (but rather belated) restaurant discovery in the Roannais. Another outing for our club reunion, another excuse to taste some exquisite food at a rather stylish, small restaurant tucked away on the […]


Troisgros’ restaurant Le Central triumph’s on Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine’s Day treat for us at Troisgros’ Restaurant Le Central ! We hadn’t been for awhile, but it was once again an absolute triumph of great cuisine. All of us enjoyed Le Central’s convivial surroundings, and excellent service, and were treated to a special ‘Dîner de la Saint Valentine‘ set menu. Once again, this […]


Snails, snails, and more snails in the Roannais by Brian Franklin

Now, I have to say, that being a bit of a Francophile I do have a penchant for French gastronomy. I have for well-over 40 years! In fact, as long as our local, world famous restaurant, Maison Trois Gros in Roanne, has had its 3 Michelin stars!! So,  as with many ‘foodies’ I love French […]


Chateau d’Origny in the Roannais by Brian Franklin

The surprise discovery of a new place is always a delight, particularly when it is a combination of good food and convivial company. Last week I was invited to an evening meal with a few of my French colleagues to Chateau d’Origny, situated just outside Roanne, in the Roannais. I had never been before, and […]


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