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The Spirit of the Côte Roannaise, in the Roannais!

L'esprit Côte Roannaise - magazine

The remarkable design and photographic talent of Stéphane Archambault strikes again! His recently published ‘L’esprit’ magazine is the third in an ongoing yearly series visually extolling the many virtues of the Côte Roannaise through his very perceptive eyes.

A triumph of creativity which captures the essence of this beautiful part of the Rhône-Alpes in France.

In this excellently produced new issue there are, again, many varied editorial pieces covering successful local  businesses, restaurants, amazing art and architecture, individual artists and artisans, stunning chateaux, medieval villages and their history, gardens and surrounding countryside idylls…. plus much more!

L'esprit - selection of pages

For only 5 euros, it’s a steal!