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Swords and Sorcery at Chateau de Clayette near the Roannais

An exciting day and evening was had by all at chateau de la Clayette at the end  of July. Sorcery, Swords and magic in a fantastic medieval setting.Chateau de la Clayette

This is a classic French chateau, absolutely perfect for staging a medieval event with son et lumiere.

A medieval village had been set up in the grounds of the chateau with people in appropriate period costume. The huge, ancient chateau gates were opened at 7.00 pm. revealing a wonderful medieval fête with a variety of activities, stalls, and entertainment.

There was plenty for all the family to enjoy, with fire-eaters, stone masons, dancers, and all manner of medieval crafts, jewellery and hat-makers.Ellis is a knight of Chateau La Clayette

All children had the opportunity of entering the world of the medieval knight by sampling the techniques of jousting, sword fighting, and use of bow and arrow. And after they had gone through their training and rites du passage they were knighted by the king and queen, and given a parchment scroll with their name written into the history of La Clayette – wonderful!

All, of course, done with the easy, low-key, panache, that only the French seem to be able to manage on these

After the preliminary festivities everybody were gathered and seated (over 300 people) with the stunning backdrop of the ancient chateau walls and turrets setting the scene for the first chapter of the Sorcerers Story and the Magic Sword. The colour, lighting, dress and drama were magnificent, with knights on horseback in all their regalia, and brilliant special effects.Chateau de la Clayette - 'son et lumiere'

The whole event lasted over two and a half hours! Until 12.30 am. Well worth another visit next year – absolutely no doubt!

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