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Art and Flavours in the Roannais

The combination of Art gallery and Restaurant is not necessarily a brand new idea, but in the attractive township of Roanne in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes, there is a particularly dynamic restaurant which has succeeded in achieving an excellent balance between exceptional art and high quality cuisine.

This restaurant, aptly-named, ‘Art et Saveurs’ reflects the love of art and eating, and is achieved with dedication, impact, and panache. As soon as you enter this establishment through their large glass doors you are immediately ‘hit’ by a contemporary ambience. A clever combination of moody modernism and exoticism.

Martine and Daniel Dechavanne accommodate you in a beautiful setting which is spacious and artistically themed throughout.

The restaurant is an eclectic ”gallery” of art, sculpture, and artefacts of both professional and amateur artists from around the region. The Roannais is renowned for its richness of creativity in all areas.

There are five large rooms and a shaded terrace, each of these spaces offering a differently styled atmosphere, but all comfortable and relaxing.

Chef Christian Vercelli creates traditional and international cuisine, combining many flavours. This reflects his exceptional experience in top establishments throughout the world. He is a very well-travelled chef and food connoisseur with a special talent!

Art et Saveurs is a ‘fun’ and ‘dynamic’ restaurant. Great for evening ‘soirées’ and for both private and business events. I think we will be hearing more about this restaurant soon!

Visit their special website for more information on this superb restaurant, and all their future events.

Art et Saveurs

Also have a look at Martine Dechavanne’s paintings which form part of the Art et Saveur’s extensive “gallery”  presentation. Nationally and internationally famous, Martine’s colourful and striking canvasses are painted under the pseudonym “Fauve”.  Fauve