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Balloons at Dawn in the Roannais.


If you get up early enough in the morning (around 5.00) and drive to the foothills of the Monts de la Madeleine, near the little village of St Haon-le Vieux, you may be in for a great surprise. When the weather is good, and the sky is blue The local Montgolfiere Group are often preparing their floating transports for a series of flights over the Vallée de Roanne. The graphic drama of over a dozen balloons taking off in orderly sequence across the skies is stunning. Well worth a dawn start.

Once they’ve disappeared over the horizon you can then wander off and enjoy the many delights of the beautiful Côte Roannaise, including all the different medieval villages that are situated along this famous wine -growing region. The rolling vineyard-covered  hills, and the mountainous backdrop is a tourist’s dream. It never fails to delight us locals, either!!

So after an early morning start I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the busy little village of Renaison for a coffee and a shop-around. Then visit the attractive, ancient hill village of St Haon-le-Châtel for a short walk before settling down to a delightful luncheon at the Restaurant  Auberge au Natur’elles.


All-in-all, a great day out! Well worth getting up early for!

Côte Roannaise