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Cirque de Moscou on Ice, Roanne, Roannais

The Moscow Circus on Ice comes to Roanne in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes. In December the world famous ‘Cirque de Moscou sur Glace’ arrived in Roanne to welcome the beginnings of Chistmas in the region.

The show was exciting, fun, colourful, dramatic, glamorous, and very professional.

Cirque de Moscou on Ice was organised by the ‘Club Roannais de Patinage Artistique’ and staged at the Patinoire Municipale de Roanne – Parc Fontalon.

This new programme of the Cirque de Moscou on Ice is a variety show. The swift change of turns of various genres, breath-taking tricks, youth, professionalism and the emotion of unique artists create a magical spectacle!

The creative career of each artist began in its own way: there are professional figure skaters, graduates from the circus academy, Olympic champions, prominent artists of circus houses.

Cirque de Moscou’s current troupe consists of 30 artists, and the show is in two parts with 20 turns, and lasts for 2 hours.

Often on tour around Russia, the company has also expanded its performances into many other coutries around the world: Moldavia, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Israel, Holland, South African Republic, United Arab Emirates, France, Poland, Belgium, China, Canada, and Japan.

Everywhere the Cirque de Moscou visits and performs their shows and artists are received enthusiastically by the public, and always achieve excellent reports in the local press.

” The joy and form of art displayed by the Cirque de Moscou on Ice is clear to audiences of all cities, and of all ages. This dynamic show needs no words or translations.”

It is, simply, worth seeing!

You can find more information about the Cirque de Moscou by visiting their website  at: