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Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in the Roannais!

Yes. We were definitely not going to be left out of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations here in France, so Purefrancenow invited some of our close French friends to enjoy the festivities with us in true British style!

A little bizarre you may think for the French to celebrate with us, but as we enjoy many of their special national and regional events throughout the year we felt it a great opportunity to display the British spirit on such an important historical milestone of the Queen’s 60-year reign.

We only felt it fair since they have guillotined all their royalty in the past, and we know, deep down,  they are a little envious of our royal family and the great pageantry of such occasions.

Most of them would never admit it, of course!!

However, we all had great fun, and there was much camaraderie. Our English pork pies, sausages, egg and cress sandwiches, British cheeses, cream scones, and strawberries and cream (to name just a few delicacies we treated them to!) all went down exceedingly well – there was very little left afterwards!

They went home content, if also a little bemused by it all. ‘”God Save The Queen!”

BBC Special Diamond Jubilee