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Fête des Classes in Perreux, Roannais by Brian Franklin

Every year in most of the villages of France they celebrate that year’s age groups who have reached their first or next 10 years. This year it was the turn of ‘0’ – those born with a zero at the end of their birth year. They celebrate all those that have been born in 2010, and those who have now reached the age of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, etc.

In our own ancient village of Perreux this year during one special day in May all the different age group categories enjoyed the ‘Fête de Classes’ with individual floats, themed to each age.

The carnival atmosphere was tremendous, along with a very hot, blue sky, sunny day. It was great fun!

This year our own son, Ellis, who was born in the Millenium year 2000 celebrated his tenth year with friends. Their themed dress and float was based on astronauts complete with rocket. In fact, I should certainly have done it myself this year, as I was born in 1950, and will be 60 this year (however, I try not to remind myself too much about the passing year’s !!)

It is a time of celebration and fun, but one also of merriment, dancing, drinking, and eating. A truly exceptional day.

I enjoyed myself, too, along with my wife, Lucy, and some of our good French friends.

I can honestly say it was a magical day for all of us, especially Ellis. And several perfectly grilled Merguez sausages were eaten, washed down with some excellently chilled lager!