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L’Astrée – one of the best restaurants in Roanne, Roannais.

A second visit to this quietly understated restaurant in the centre of Roanne, in the Roannais, did not disappoint.

The restaurant interior and presentation somewhat belies its roadside exterior, but the menu from chef, Simon  Falcoz, is exquisite. Beautiful surroundings, attentive, unassuming service, and high quality food – second only to the famous Maison Troisgros, only a few paces further down the street! And at much more accessible prices. Just, simply excellent value.

As we have previously expounded many times, the Roannais region is a gastronomic haven for ‘foodies’. There are many restaurant establishments which are worth a visit. Of course, part of the Rhône-Alpes region around Lyon which is regarded as the French capital of good food.

Restaurant l’Astrée, 52 Cours de la République – 42300, Telephone: 04 77 72 74 22

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