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‘Le Boudin’ Cauldron’s are lit!



‘Le Boudin’ cauldrons were lit for a traditional French delicacy dish, basically ’blood sausage’ recently in Le Coteau, near Roanne for the celebration of ‘Grandmother’s Day”.

Not entirely dissimilar to the famous British black pudding which is a likely derivative following the Norman Conquest.


Boudin noir: A dark-hued blood sausage, containing pork, pig blood, and other ingredients. Variants of the boudin noir occur in French, Belgian, Cajun and Catalan cuisine.

The Catalan version of the boudin noir is called botifarra negra. In the French Caribbean, it is known as boudin Créole.

In Britain it is called “black pudding”, the word “pudding” being an anglicised pronunciation of boudin, and probably introduced after the NorBoudin gave rise to “Le Boudin“, the official march of the French Foreign Legion. “Blood sausage” is a colloquial reference to the gear (rolled up in a red blanket) that used to top the backpacks of Legionnaires.

The song makes repeated reference to the fact that the Belgians don’t get any “blood sausage”, since the King of the Belgians at one time forbade his subjects from joining the Legion (verse says “ce sont des tireurs au cul“).man invasion

Bon Appetit!!