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Maison Fromagerie Mons revisited in the Roannais

The French are passionate about most things!
Never more so than with their cheeses, and if there is one extremely successful, family-run business that exemplifies this then it has to be Fromagerie Mons.

And how wonderfully fortunate are we, in the Roannais region of the Rhone-Alpes, to have this Affineur of fine cheeses right on our doorstep.
Many year’s ago we had been pointed in the direction of the Mons Fromagerie in Halles Diderot, a fabulous high quality indoor market in Roanne.
Having been told that they were simply the best place to purchase cheese, not only for quality, but also breadth of choice – they sell a range of over 230 different cheeses throughout the year. and unparalleled expertise.

Today, Maison Mons has 22 people working at its caves in the Roannais, 155 clients in France, and many clients in 19 countries, 130 individual producers in France, 4 cheese shops, and about 190 different cheeses aging throughout the year. ‘Affinage’ cheese aging will always be the heart of the operation.
In 2009 Mons are continuing to expand and are developing a new entity ‘La Compagnie d’Affinage des Caves de la Collogne’, which is unique in its realm. They have recuperated and restored an old train tunnel and transformed it into a cheese aging tunnel.

This project will be completed in July 2009, and will allow Mons to really differentiate their products from the rest with an unprecedented environment and care for all their many cheeses, leaving Maison Mons with an exclusive range of high quality.products.
Maison Mons is always looking forward.

Visit their new website for more information about this excellent establishment, and, of course, where to buy their wide range of top quality cheeses:   Maison Mons

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