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Roanne Airshow reaches great heights in the Roannais

This September the 19th meeting of the ‘Aérien International Roanne’ was staged, and dedicated to female aviators throughout the world, from the first women to fly to the present day.

It was a magnificent day with a huge variety of  planes and displays.

The event was opened by the French display team equivalent to the Red Arrows, and  led by a woman captain.

Planes from both world wars were in the sky – American, Russian, Japanese, British.

There was also an astounding display featuring the Breitling Wingwalkers. A team of women doing ballet on top of planes speeding around the skies at all sorts of angles, including upside down !

Once again, the skies of the Côte Roannaise were clear blue, and it was an extremely hot and sunny day.

Thousands of people attended, as always – great family day out !

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