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Roanne Table Ouverte is back on the menu in the Roannais.

Roanne Table Ouverte, 10th Festival of Gastronomy in the Roannais region during the month of October 2012. (Literally ‘open table’ – a welcome for all the public to enjoy some of the best restaurants in the region)

The gastronomic jewel of Roanne and the Roannais!

It is an opportunity and a pleasure for all the restaurants, producers, and suppliers to open their doors to the public, and to demonstrate their gastronomic talents and artistic presentation.
This highly successful festival harmonises the art of good food with the fun of theatre, music, and entertainment.

These festivities carry on throughout the month of October in the varied and various establishments in the Roannais.
A celebration of good food, wine, successful business partnerships, conviviality and friendship.
It brings the whole community together with one purpose, at least for one whole month!

If you happen to be in the Roannais region during this October, just try one or two of the local restaurants that are supporting this event, and have fun while you enjoy excellent regional cuisine!

Visit or telephone for more information on 0033 (0) 477 23 20 57

The quality of gastronomy in the Roannais region is renowned for its excellence – experience it for yourselves this October, or visit the region for your holiday, or for your next business or club event. Visit for more information on all aspects of Roanne, the Roannais, and the Rhône-Alpes.

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