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School of Cuisine at La Rocadine, Roannais

A new concept from Jérôme Sadot at the restaurant La Rocadine. ‘Ecole de Cuisine’ – School of cooking.

Jérôme is passing on some of his talent and trade secrets, and inviting small groups of people to his restaurant to learn more about some of his signature dishes, and to learn a little more about fundamental food preparation for certain recipes. All in order to improve their understanding of ingredients and to help with their cooking at home. A great idea!

La Rocadine is always on the ‘move’ with new seasonal menus along with their traditionally very friendly and welcoming service. So not only can you enjoy tasting Jérôme’s sophisticated cooking, but now you can discover how it is done in his own kitchen!

Purefrancenow has promoted La Rocadine over the last 2 years on our website, and for more information about this restaurant in Le Coteau, Roanne, Rhône-Alpes, visit the following: Purefrancenow Roannais Directory

Purefrancenow visited La Rocadine at the end of November, and saw Jérôme at work with some new enthusiastic customers in his kitchen. He was demonstrating one of his speciality dishes with Rabbit.

He is dedicated to his craft, and is keen to share his recipes with everyone. You never know, one day he may write and publish a cook book!

With Jérôme’s extremely wide, successful experience of cooking throughout France and Switzerland, in many top establishments, There is no doubt that anything is possible!

Good luck, Jérôme, for the future – both your restaurant and cookery school!