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Yet another jewel to set the crown of the Roannais region, in the Rhône-Alpes, sparkling even more! 

From our little village of Perreux, you can reach the famous Huilerie J.Leblanc within 20 minutes, or so.

If you travel along the D17 in the direction of Vougy, then onto the D982 through Poully Sous Charlieu,(by the way, on the left, just before the cross roads, there is a Boulangerie making fantastic artisan bread!) you will find yourself in the department of Burgundy and its most southerly village, Iguerande, in Bourgogne.

Drive slowly, or there is a danger that you will miss the most unassuming little shop front.J.Leblanc shop and production, Iguerande

It hides a wonderfully antiquated interior, crammed from floor to ceiling with hand made olive oils, vinegars, mustards, and much more.

Peer through the open doorway into the office at the rear of the building and you will realise that the whole premises are a step back in time to a much more refined era.

Huilerie Leblanc is no ordinary business.

Begun in 1878 by Jean Leblanc, in this very building. The family are still producing the highest quality, small batch, hand-crafted nut oils using the original stone press.


As there is no large storage facility, the production takes place to order, ensuring the very best and freshest nut oils in the world.Huile d'olive and Huile de noisette

If you are lucky enough to visit, once inside the shop, Madame, or Monsieur Leblanc (great grandson and wife) will let you sample the oils, and believe me, you will be spoilt for choice; from walnut to pistachio, almond to hazelnut the flavours are divine, and along with the vinegars, mustards and tapinades you can get carried away.

If you are looking for a special present to take home, a basket can be put together full of delights.Monsieur LeblancInside the shop at Iguerande







I find it difficult to believe that such a business could ever survive in its original form in the UK. Seemingly untouched by commercialism, the Leblancs' have never sold out to big business, subsequently maintaining their integrity and respect, not only from Michelin stared restaurateurs, but also from amateur cooks and foodies throughout France and world wide.

Monsieur Leblanc serving.

It goes without saying, the 3 Michelin starred, Troisgros Restaurant of Roanne, chooses to use Leblancs products. As their only other shop is in Paris, to have their main premises just down the road from us, is yet another example of just how rich and diverse the culinary delights of the region are.

For 4 generations, J.LEBLANC and sons have kept the culinary arts alive at their oil mill with a selection of products offering a genuine, authentic flavour.



Ancestral skills and traditions, passed down from father to son, guarantee the quality and distinctive identity of every trickle of oil, fresh from the press! Oil from the Vat!



J.LEBLANC et fils




Leblanc, Paris J.LEBLANC            

Headquarters and Shop 

71340 Iguerande, France

Paris Shop

6, rue Jacob, Paris