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The magical art of Christine Muller.

Christine Muller is an original artist whose works are a reflection of her imaginative and fantasy world, deeply human, and generous.


Born in 1956, and coming from the Beaux-arts of Douai, Christine has consistently surprised her audience. Her first canvasses, impose her magical and frivolous universe. She designs, without ever betraying, remaining faithful only to her inspirations.

It was during the mid-1990s that she started to have several successful personal exhibitions.

She has also become a teacher of painting and illustration whilst at the same time pursuing her exhibitions in galleries throughout France and abroad.

Today, when we are faced with one of her paintings, it is all this rigor of work, slow rate of progress and pictorial evolution that is found within her characters. Thought-provoking, delightful, and inspirational.

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Christine Muller (