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Musée des Confluences – An incredible place to visit!

An absolute ‘must’ for all the family!!!


The Musée des Confluences is a science centre and anthropology museum which opened on 20 December 2014 in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon, (Rhône), France. It is located at the southern tip of the Presqu’île at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône, adjacent to Autoroute A7, and comprises part of a larger redevelopment project of the Confluence quarter of Lyon. The deconstructivist architectural design, said to resemble a floating crystal cloud of stainless steel and glass, was created by the Austrian firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. The museum includes collections of natural science, anthropology, and Earth Sciences of the Musée d’histoire naturelle – Guimet. These collections will be supplemented by exhibitions of arts and crafts.

The three major exhibitions deal with the questions “Where do we come from ?, “Who are we ?” and “What do we do ?”. The first question is about the origins and purposes of both the Big Bang theory, history of the universe or the different representation of death in the cultures of world. The second question will present the man at the heart of the biodiversity. It will explain the mechanisms of the evolution, the man’s place among the other animal species, and will address the specificity of man linked to the brain or on its own performance. The third question finally addresses the functioning of societies: cooperation, competition, creative processes…

The museum stands 44 m (144 ft) high, 150 m (492 ft) long, and 83 m (272 ft) wide. Total area will be 22,000 m² (238,000 sq ft), 6,500 of which will be devoted to exhibitions, three times greater than the museum exhibition space. Nine concurrent exhibitions (3 permanent + 6 temporary), plus four discovery spaces and two auditoriums will be available. Construction cost was budgeted for €153 million, but the controversial final cost is now forecast to approach nearly €300 million.


Musée des Confluences – Lyon