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The Spirit of Roanne in the Roannais By Brian Franklin

Another excellent publication from Stéphane Archambault and his editorial team! In our view, a local creative genius!

His new publication “L’esprit Urbain” focusses on Roanne, the main township in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes. It is the third of a series of magazines covering the beautiful Roannais region which Stephane has produced.

Exceptionally cleverly designed and conceived with superb, high quality images, which is his trademark. “L’esprit Urbain” hit the streets of Roanne and the Roannais region this December.

You can obtain a copy from local newsagents and contributor businesses for the most economical and good value price of only 5€ – well worth it!

This new dynamic, colourful magazine is full of information, great images, stories of local businesses, gastronomy, chocolate, art, architecture, interior design, Roanne Port and the Roanne-Digoin canal, and much, much more.

It is presented in a visually graphic style that only Stéphane Archambault can accomplish.

He has done Roanne proud with this first publication on this great township in the Roannais, part of the Rhone-Alpes Region.

The many features in “L’esprit Urbain” are beautifully crafted presentations. Purefrancenow highlights a few of them here to whet your appetite.

Roanne, of course, is the central player here and features strongly throughout the magazine – its architecture, sculpture, theatre, and the passion for good food is well reflected.

There is also a visual story of a couple who live on a barge at the Roanne Port which gives Stéphane an opportunity to emphasise the beautiful watery location of Roanne near the River la Loire.

Striking images of the town move through its historical past with stunning buildings and gothic gargoyles.

The Musée de Beaux-Arts et Architecture is extremely well-covered with graphic images of some of its ceramic and sculptural exhibits.

Art and furniture fill the pages with exciting creations and products from some of the best Roannais businesses, and artists.

The delightful Chateau de Champlong is superbly treated, emphasising its reputation for high quality gastronomic cuisine, and their new 12-roomed, 3 star hotel, soon to be opened during March 2009.

Francois Pralus – Maitre Chocolatier is stunningly featured with sublime images of chocolate, and the Madagascan plantations where much of their cocoa beans are grown and harvested. The story of the very successful Pralus family history of creativity, enterprise, and adventure is well-timed to coincide with the opening of their new shop in Paris this year. Cafes and Teas, too, are beautifully photographed for the Thivoyon company, estabalished in 1893, and can almost be ‘sipped’ and ‘tasted’ form the seemingly ‘aromatic’ pages which are imaginatively designed.

Overall, this delightful magazine demonstrates a passion for Roanne and the Roannais which is visually and editorially expounded across its pages, and is well worthy of a place on any lounge coffee table. There will, of course, be more to come. We have not heard, or seen, the last of Stéphane Archambault’s creations and his marvellous ‘Spirit for the Roannais’ !

They may be a rarity to locate now, but his two other previous magazines entitled “L’esprit Roannais” are also worth a ‘look’ if you can find them.

A new publication is due out soon for the medieval hill village of Perreux. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

For more information, news, business and holiday opportunities in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes visit our dedicated website:

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