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Pralus Chocolates in Partnership with Pure France Now !

Pure France Now have been supporters and promoters of Pralus Chocolates and Patisserie for over 7 years. And now François Pralus and his amazingly successful Maison Pralus brand have joined with Pure France Now to feature Pralus chocolate products on the new, redesigned Pure France Now website.

famous chocolatier

Pure France Now extolls the virtues of many French products, particularly those manufactured and created in the famous gastronomic Roannais region of the Rhône-Alpes.

Pure France Now has specially dedicated pages and presentations promoting the full range of Pralus to customers in the UK. It is exceptionally very easy to order a variety of excellent chocolate products and gifts via Pure Franmce Now with a direct web link to the Pralus Online Boutique (English version). Go to: Pure Pralus, Pure Paradise, Pure France Now

For all UK orders, all customers should make certain to add the (PFN) code immediately after their name to ensure that all their orders will be recognised and, therefore, benefit from ‘Best Prices’, ‘Best Quality’, ‘Best Delivery Service’, and, of course, obtain immediate exchange rate benefits.(do not forget!)

What could be easier!

Pure French Taste -Chateau Champlong

For any UK customers who require further information or guidance when ordering any Pralus products please contact Pure France Now direct at:

Pure Pralus, Pure Passion, Pure Paradise