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4th International Festival of Animation in the Roannais.

This month in Roanne, Roannais, celebrates the 4th International Festival of Animation at the Espace Renoir. This is a cinema location in Roanne which specialises in featuring Art films, past classic productions, and special events.

The festival event includes an International Competition for best animation. These are short films of 2 to 20 minutes maximum produced by animators from countries around the world such as America, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Peru, Estonia, France, Korea, and many others.

These are remarkable, sometimes bizarre, highly creative productions. Thought-provoking, funny, and philosophic, and most certainly clever and imaginative.

Espace Renoir provides an intellectual and educational approach to film production and creators, often introducing the actual animator or member of the team to talk direct to the audience about the nuances of the production.

When we visited the event this March one of there were two English animator specialists enrolled on the Judging panel for the competition – Simon Jacobs, Director of Photography,who worked with Aardman in Bristol on ‘Chicken Run’ by Peter Lord and Nick Park. He also worked on films for Tim Burton as part of the Photo team for the recent ‘Frankenweenie’, amongst others.

Andy Symanowski, English Animator and Director, also presented at the competition. He worked on episodes of Aardman’s ‘Shaun The Sheep’, including ‘Chicken Run’, ‘Wallace and Gromit’, and many other’s.

Later this month, Espace Renoir is featuring Tim Burton’s full-feature animation film, ‘Frankenweenie’, and Simon Jacobs will introduce the film as an original member of the team for this fantastical production.

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