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Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Saint Etienne, Rhône-Alpes

The Exciting Bernard Ceysson Art Gallery in Saint Etienne, Rhône-Alpes.

Bernard Ceysson Galleries

For the Autumn of 2009, the 3  Bernard Ceysson galleries each have their own and original agenda with all new shows.

In Paris, although Franck Chalendard (09/09/05 – 09/10/17) and Assan Smati (09/10/23 – 09/12/12) had already showed their work recently in the
Saint-Étienne and Luxembourg galleries, the works they are showing in Paris
will be of brand new works.

In Luxembourg, the gallery will welcome four artists that have joined the gallery recently :
Pat Andréa (09/09/10 – 09/10/25); Christian Hahn and Judith Walgenbach
(09/10/29 – 09/11/30); and Denis Castellas (09/12/03 – 10/01/10).

In Saint-Étienne, Dany Prum’s show will finish on 20th September, and then a group show, .(09/09/23 – 10/01/15) of the photographer of the gallery will follow including:: Roselyne Titaud, Louise Bossut, Jean-Antoine Raveyre and Christian Mosar.

Ceysson Gallery Saint Etienne

Visit the ‘Galerie Bernard Ceysson’ website for details of Artists, Exhibitions , Events,
and Art News.

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