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Best Property Bargains now in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes

We all know that the economic conditions are not perfect by a long way at the moment, and there are also issues with the Euro exchange rate, but despite this there is no doubt that property bargains are to be had in France at this time. And, nowhere more opportune than in the Roannais region of the Rhône-Alpes, near France’s remarkable second city, Lyon, and the beautiful regions of the Auvergne, Burgundy, and famous Beaujolais

Chateau Chassignol

Chateau de Chassignol – details

French property prices are well down, and sellers are eagerly prepared to negotiate further, so that dream of a holiday home in France, or an exciting move to a permanent change and new lifestyle in France is well within grasp, despite all the gloom around.

It is a time to be positive, and a time for those people with an eye to the future, knowing that sooner or later the market conditions are definitely going to change. There is no doubt that the old adage: “The early bird catches the worm!” is exceedingly apt here.

Hunting Lodge

The Hunting Lodge- details

This superb region is perfectly placed for excellent access to all main autoroutes, including the French Alpes, and the South of France.

It is developing rapidly with the likelihood of new TGV train networks planned from Paris to Vichy, and beyond. New additional connecting autoroutes are currently being completed from the Roannais to Lyon which will mean that car jouney’s to Lyon will take less than 45 minutes.

Of course. all this ongoing infrastructure  development will have eventual impact on property prices around the region, and the only way is up. This is most certainly a potential future ‘property hotspot’ in France.

The most discerning and entrepreneurial will win out!

Le Grange

La Grange – details

The Purefrancenow ‘Property Service’ is here to help, so take a look at our ‘Property for Sale’ section as an initial introduction to some of the great property bargains in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will assist you in locating a selection of properties to consider, and to arrange a viewing trip.

Our ‘Project Control Service’ is also available to people who wish for professional expertise, and ‘on-the-ground’ help to develop, convert or renovate a property in a cost-effective, and secure way.