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Here we go yet again, on the restaurant 'run. Another fantastic restaurant to add to your list for a visit, and our family album!Chateau de Champlong - Main Entrance

Chateau de Champlong in the heart of the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes. Our complimentary expletives can only do it limited justice! 

A superbly, stylishly presented establishment and restaurant in the Roannais, run by a wonderful married couple – Olivier Boizet, Chef de Cuisine, and his wife Véronique, maitre d'hotel.

But also much more than just a restaurant.



A 15th century chateau set in a tranquil garden of paradise, this establishment was conceived and developed very successfully by Olivier and Véronique 15 years ago.Chateau de Champlong

The grounds are extensive, and other original servicing buildings of the chateau are used for wedding receptions, and business seminars/events. Usually held in their newly renovated 'Cuvage'Chateau de Champlong

They are also in the process of adding twelve luxury rooms within the main chateau building, and thereby adding a complete Hotel service to their discerning clientele. We have known of Chateau de Champlong for awhile, but never managed to visit their restaurant for a meal.


Of course, their local reputation has gone before them.

So, we had to go!

It is a beautiful location near the medieval village of Villerest.

Lucy, and our 7 year-old son, Ellis, and I reserved for lunch – they do I special '1 hour lunchtime menu (although it usually lasts almost 2 hours!)

The whole quality and ambience of the place is superb, and the standard of service was excellent – friendly, efficient and unobtrusive.

The interior of the Chateau restaurant rooms reflect the classic French style with high, ornate ceilings, grand marble fireplaces, and wall hung with huge 'rennaisance' style paintings of the period.

Large vases of mixed seasonal and tropical flowers adorned each room.

Olivier and Veronique have also, over the years, added a contemporary flavour to the restaurant with a well-designed conservatory at the front of the building, and part of the entrance foyer. Superbly styled with a ceiling studded with a myriad of tiny low volt downlighters, creating a magical canopy of star-like ambience.The Conservatory

Not only that, but during the day the huge glass windows of the conservatory bring the natural light and vistas of the extensive chateau gardens into the room. Brilliant for lunchtime on a sunny day! 


Luckily for us, this was exactly where we were seated during our lunchtime indulgence, and the sun was shining for us, too!

Like all the restaurants, and places we extoll here on our website 'blog' they are definite places to visit and experience. We recommend them, of course, from our own perspective, but you must explore and discover the true essence, quality, and niceties of these for yourselves.

In most cases, we sincerely do not believe that you will be disappointed.

Look out for further information on Chateau de Champlong here on our dedicated website, and opportunites for some inspirational, gastronomic week-end breaks we will be offering on 

In the meantime, you can test your French by interpreting the lunchtime menu (featured below) we had at Chateau de Champlong in the Côte-Roannaise on Thursday 29th May 2008.

It was fantastic!Quality,Dedicated Service - Fun Advertisement






                                 Mises en appétit Jeu de cuilleres


          Semoule de chou-fleur aux arachides,  cœurs de canard en aigre-doux


   Steak de Daurade a la plancha, sauce soja, semoule black aux petits craquant


                                  Les Douceurs de  Margaux

                                 Creme brulee chocolat poivre

                                   Verrine fraise et tiramisu

                                      Sorbet framboise

                                      Tartelette fraise


                  Sucreries pour les gourmades et les gourmands 


We had our normal ice-cold kir with white wine and mûre (blackberry) as an aperitif, followed by a superb bottle of red Chinon with the rest of the meal. Excellent!

A walk around the beautiful chateau gardens afterwards simply sealed the place for us, and prices are extremely reasonable considering the quality, professional service, and the stylish environment in which it is all set. A great discovery! Chateau Gardens