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Chateau de Champlong should be a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Roannais! By Brian Franklin

There is no doubt following our recent visit to Château de Champlong for a celebratory family meal that the accumulation of stunning surroundings, service, quality and imagination of menu from the kitchen of Olivier Boizet, that this superb establishment should be awarded a bright and shiny Michelin star very soon.

This month we came away after a most excellent dinner and eating experience that it would be hard to find any better anywhere else in this gastronomically renowned region of the Roannais.
The Château de Champlong, located right in the heart of the Roannais region, is set in lush green countryside.

Chateau de Champlong Aug 2013

This charming 17th century mansion, converted into a château in the 18th century and refurbished throughout by its owners, restaurateurs proud of their native region, offers the unique combination of a warm family atmosphere and a restaurant renowned throughout the entire region.

Supported by their dynamic team, Véronique and Olivier Boizet’s hospitality is welcoming and personalised: the art of hospitality Roannais-style!

Olivier Boizet has a passion for flavour and respects his ingredients; his cuisine is modelled on what he himself likes to eat: gourmet food, an author’s cuisine, created in harmony with the seasons.

A cuisine which is up-to-date but not based on passing fads, contemporary but with no fashionable flourishes. Creativity at its essence, and a sense of flavour.

He is in a region where the soil is rich and he has special relationships with all his suppliers who are often small producers.

Olivier is inspired by seasonal change and re-invents French-inspired dishes, allowing the ingredients to express every one of their subtle nuances.

“Vive la Château de Champlong” and come on good Michelin people take a careful look at this wonderful place which deserves star recognition now !

Château de Champlong