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French Property News - September IssueThe September issue of 'French Property News' is in the shops. And the story of 'Le Cuvage' ( a large-scale renovation project in the Roannais, Rhone-Alpes by Brian and Lucy Franklin) begins.

This first 'Diary' editorial in French Property News "Seduced by a Photo…" covers the initial 'viewing trip', and Brian and Lucy's discovery and renovation of 'The Stables' at the Chateau des Cresses prior to their bigger project of 'Le Cuvage' (an original wine-making barn).French Property News - Diary Article

"Brian and Lucy put down a deposit on a renovation project on the strength of a few photos – but would it live up to the dream?"The Stables - before!







"The place looked horrendous – but through the veil of rain and the shivering damp, there was hope amongst the trepidation" 

"The Stables were originally part of the servicing complex for the Chateau and the 18th- Century Pavillon de Chasse (hunting Lodge)… as we entered the courtyard at the rear of the chateau, a large muddy hole faced us. This is where the swimming pool was going to be!"The Stables - First floor work


"We didn't know it then, but we had stumbled into a new world, one which would have a far-reaching and deep effect on us for the rest of our lives. These were our first stumblings into France"



"The Stables came before 'Le Cuvage', a wine-making barn which served the Chateau des Cresses, and probably the local area around the village of Perreux. Le Cuvage was to be our second home renovation, and a much more involved, bigger, and costlier project, but still within the original woodland grounds of the chateau.Chateau and Pavillon de Chasse




In the October issue of French Property News – Brian and Lucy's Story continues with the results of the renovated stables, and the birth of a 'Grand Design' idea which led to Le Cuvage.