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Joyeuses Fétes in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes!

Purefrancenow wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

We thank all our friends, business partners and associates who have enjoyed a very successful year with us in 2008. All your support and help throughout the year has been much appreciated, and we look forward to 2009 with hope and excitement for an especially pleasurable and successful time for us all.

Purefrancenow has had a particularly remarkable 2008, with many new developments and improvements on our dedicated website which promotes the wonderful Roannais region in the Rhône-Alpes.

We have many new business partners joining us on our website to promote their different businesses, whether, restaurant, hotel, food and wine producers, or other services. Purefrancenow has benefited from their support and presence on our special website, and they, in turn, have increased their exposure and their presentation to a wider regional and international audience.

We hope this will increase in 2009, and create more opportunities for business.


● Over 50,000 individual page visits to were recorded during 2008.

● 60% were from the UK and USA, 40% were from France and other parts of Europe.

● 75% of the UK visits were from London, and 75% of the France visits were from Paris and Lyon.

● There are over 500 different ‘active’ page presentations on the Purefrancenow website.

● We have currently around 200 pages of editorial, news, and reviews which appear on our website, and this is growing weekly.

● Our blog, news, and reviews stories regularly feature on the first pages of major search engines like google and yahoo.

● Advertising, promotion, and linked websites in the UK and Europe for create over 2 million potential site visit opportunities.

● Targeted mailing, literature, and promotion to businesses throughout the Roannais region encourages more local and regional interest in the Purefrancenow website.

● In November 2008 Purefrancenow established a ‘Bureau de Liaison’ in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes, for all regional communications, promotion, and organisation related to all Purefrancenow activities offered via the dedicated website.

● As well as a full-fledged member of the ‘Manchester Chamber of Commerce’ in England, Purefrancenow is also a certified member of ‘Roanne Chambre de Commerce et Industrie’ in France.

● Purefrancenow has the support of specialist creative and technical teams, based in the UK. Our experienced website technicians are based in Manchester, and provide reliable day-to-day services.

● Purefrancenow has also established links with several partner businesses which are available for any aspect of our dedicated event management opportunities, including our ‘gourmet week-ends’, holidays, ‘escape days’, private and business celebration events.

So, Purefrancenow has been exceedingly busy in 2008 developing its website and communication and promotional strategies in order to increase and maximise the impact and effectiveness of all its services and website offerances.

There will be more in 2009!

We are determined that our successful achievements in 2008 will be mirrored by the same level of success and development in 2009.