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Le Cuvage Story: ‘Keeping Your Head Above Water’ by Brian Franklin

Continuing on from my last month’s article about our renovation and conversion of ‘Le Cuvage’ in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes, things have moved along rapidly.

Our French friends, Jean-François and Adeline, co-partners in this exciting joint project, have now moved into their part of Le Cuvage.

Their new home looked great!

Although each of the three dwellings, being created out of this original ‘pressoir’ (wine-making barn) was individually planned and designed differently, the essential style and concept, led by our French architect, was consistently followed throughout each interior for a ‘co-ordinated ‘look’.

Our friends stepped over their threshold and moved into their new home before us at the end of October 2005.

This was purposely staged to be completed first so that they could move from their current smaller home at the ‘Pavillon de Chasse’ (hunting lodge), in part of the original grounds and courtyard of the Chateau des Cresses. Of course, unlike us at the time, Jean- François and Adeline lived in France, so it was essential that they ‘moved in’ first.

A young couple with modern attitudes, their new home in ‘Le Cuvage’ reflected an imaginative and contemporary ‘flavour’, with ‘lacquer-sealed concrete floor throughout the ground floor, stunning red kitchen, and a generally ‘fun’ atmosphere about the place.

We were impressed with their interior treatment and the practicality of Jean-François who had completed much of the flooring, painting, and lighting installations himself. As I have said previously, he is a useful, ‘hands-on’ guy (I have to admit with some envy!)Anyway, in the meantime, whilst our friends moved in, we moved on…!

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