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Le Cuvage Story: ‘The Finishing Touches’ by Brian Franklin

One of the salient reasons our Le Cuvage project progressed with such confidence and competence was the planning. We employed a French quantity surveyor, along with an independent project assessor, conducteur/ driver, as our French friends called him.

Before we moved a single lump of earth or hacked into any structure, we commissioned a comprehensive build programme assessment, and cost estimate by a specialist building economiste. He organised devis (quotations) from a minimum of three different companies before making any recommendations and final selections.

The companies were assessed on experience, quality, reputation and approach, as well as price.

This pre-estimate and budget confirmation covered all the key areas of build including structural works, carpentry, windows and doors, heating and electrics, plumbing, partitioning, plastering, and roofing, etc. The final document was very detailed and professionally put together – in fact, a veritable tombe!

Once decisions were made and contractors chosen, a full critical path was developed for all the different stages of construction and installation.

This was then monitored and reported on every week, along with price control checks which measured contractor invoices against actual production and original quotations.

Any variations or additional work required would be assessed accordingly and quoted for approval by us before any work was commenced.

The initial cost projections for our share of the main works, including architect’s fees and agreed joint external works (but not kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiling, painting and decorating, and any other special requirements) was approximately £260,000 for our two dwellings (two-thirds of le Cuvage.

Once all the final plans, along with these initial estimates, were fully agreed between all parties then our project was started with a vengeance!

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