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Living the French Dream. A new book by Brian Franklin.

This new book by Brian Franklin provides both a comic and serious insight into discovering ‘real’ France for the first time, and a personal story of creating a family home in the Roannais region of the Rhône-Alpes.


Through over 160 pages of full colour images and detailed text ‘Living the French Dream’ leads you through the progress of the renovation and development of an old Chateau Stables, and a ‘Pressoir’ (wine-making barn) into three amazing properties, offering tips and observations along the way for any would-be Francophiles thinking about embarking on their own French sojourn. The story covers over 15 years of discovery and experiences.

Hard and Soft Cover versions (square 7″x7″/18x18cms) are available (subject to order, book type, quantity, etc.)

For more information, prices, and ordering details please email us direct at:


“…we arrive with excitement, feeling the warm, scented, continental breeze on our sun-glassed faces, anticipating our first taste of grand cru wine, and the exquisite, gastronomic ‘menu gourmand’ experience which is simply ‘Pure France’.

And not forgetting the easy-elegance and ‘bambi-eyed’ natural beauty of Frenchwomen, and, of course, the intoxicating, chocolate-voiced purrings of swarthy Frenchmen with a glinting eye for the ‘swooning’ wives of white-faced (and white -bodied) Englishmen!”


“…I opened the door. The room was small, and lit only by the embers
of a wood-burning fire.

On a worn and frayed mat in front of the fire was a lump of a human
being in a “Where’s Wally?” jumper.

We moved forward and spoke a soft ‘Hello’.

The figure jerked upwards in drowsy surprise like the startled awakening
of the ‘Alien’ when Ripley was starting up the shuttle to escape the clutches of the monster in the film of the same name!”