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March: French Property News in the Roannais

The March issue of French Property News is ‘shouting’ about the current opportunities of buying and selling property in France. Despite the global economic malaise France is still a very good bet!

‘Spring always brings the promise of new beginnings – perhaps that’s why it’s traditionally a popular time to househunt. While some people have fallen foul of the recession and put their dreams of French property ownership on hold, whether because of necessity, currency exchange worries or general nervousness fuelled by newpaper headlines, it’s actually a very good time to go looking for a property in ‘la Belle France‘.

Many vendors have dropped their property prices, meaning there are some fantastic bargains out there – these won’t last for ever, so make your move while you can. And don’t forget to research your currency options, to make the most of your cash.’

‘If you’re selling in France, it’s not all bad news either, as even if you drop your price, if you sell in euros and convert that to sterling, you should be quids in.’

For those planning a househunting trip in the coming months, make sure you also take a look at the Roannais in the Rhône-Alpes – a beautiful region, with great bargain prices for some stunning property !

Watch out for the May issue of French Property News – there’s a special property ‘spotlight’ covering the Roannais by Brian Franklin, director of

He and his family have owned, and renovated property, in the Roannais region, near Roanne, in the Rhône-Alpes for over 14 years. Purefrancenow offers a ‘Property Search Service’, and help with purchase and renovation of properties. A total Project Control Service is available at whatever level, involvement and budget you require. Take a look at  ‘Character Properties For Sale’ – an explanation of the services, experience, and details of previous property projects completed are available on the Purefrancenow website.

In the March issue of French Property News Brian Franklin also continues with his ‘Renovation Diary’ of ‘Le Cuvage’ (the renovation and conversion of a huge wine-making barn in the Roannais, Rhône-Alpes). In this issue, Part VII  ‘Heads Above Water’, Brian’s article covers the near completion of Le Cuvage, the installation of the swimming pool, and the design of the gardens. Interestng.

In his final editorial on Le Cuvage in the April issue, Brian Franklin shows the finished product in all its glory – ‘A French Dream House’ come true!

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For more information on the Roannais and  the Rhône-Alpes visit and their

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