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Marvellous Cote Roannaise in the Roannais!

The Marvellous Côte Roannaise.

A French appellation located in the upper loire, northwest of the city of Lyon and around the town of Roanne. Côte Roannaise produces light red and rosé wines made from Gamay with some pinot noir. The wines are similiar in style to those from the Beaujolais.

Based along a hillside over 20 km long, the vineyards of the Côte Roannaise surprise those who take the time to find out more about this beautiful region. Not far from Roanne, the main township, the Roannais region reaches across the Roanne Valley up into the large hills and rolling countryside of the Côte Roannaise, with its wide variety of flora and fauna.

There are also many beautiful  medieval villages nearby with a demonstrably rich heritage. T

The Gamay grapes from the local vines are lovingly prepared to produce wine of a true quality and gourmet experience.

AOC Côte Roannaise

The Gamay grape reigns on 200 hectares of AOC Côte Roannaise. It is here that the granite soils suit the vine at its best. Exposed to the east, the vineyards enjoy good sunshine as well as the constraints of a climate which can be harsh. The resultant Gourmet grapes with a fresh fruit flavour make primarily a medium-light red wine which is highly regarded.


There are around thirty independent winegrowers sharing together the fruits of these hillsides carved across the Côte Roannaise. Thirty wine caves open to receive the eager tourist visitor with typical Roannais conviviality.


It is good to come to the Cote Roannaise anytime time, or for just a weekend getaway. There are many pleasures and opportunities hidden in this most welcoming valley region; Bed and breakfast accommodation, gites, winemakers, restaurants, and artisans. Great for lovers of local French produce, ancient architecture, and rural heritage.

All waiting to be discovered!