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More holidaymakers visit the Roannais in 2009!

Purefrancenow has been very successful in encouraging more British families to visit the Roannais region this summer.

Holidaymakers enjoying Roannais hospitality!!

And through the active promotion and recommendation of Purefrancenow many British, Dutch, and other European holidaymakers have enjoyed Roannais hospitality, and the gastronomic pleasures of the many restaurants in the region.

In particular, the following Roannais restaurants have benefited from the constant marketing and promotion by Purefrancenow this year:

Recommended Roannais Restaurants (selection)

Over 150 holiday visitors during June, July and August have been directly and personally recommended by Purefrancenow to visit many of the Roannais Region’s many attractions, including shops, restaurants, bars, villages, local and regional entertainment and leisure opportunities.

This summer has not only been exceptionally sunny and hot, but it has been very successful for both Purefrancenow and the Roannais in general.

Purefrancenow is already actively working on promoting the Roannais for summer 2010!

Purefrancenow Roannais Restaurant Recommendations