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Photography of Jean Guy Lathuiliere at the Pure Art Gallery

The remarkable and highly creative photographic images of Jean Guy Lathuiliere are now being presented at the Pure Art Gallery.

Internationally renowned, and with an exceptionally successful and award-winning career in photography, Jean Guy’s thought-provoking work is on show at the Pure Art Gallery.B. as Blondes

This includes beautiful, moody landscapes, graphic black and white portraits from around the world, and specially themed ‘movie’ features presenting a selection of his work in a sequential, and impactful style.

Jean Guy Lathuiliere endeavours in his remarkable pictures to discover an essence of truth reflected in everyday life and the world around him.Portraits

His images, although creatively impactful in their own right, they are also highly thought-provoking, and stimulate strong emotive response from the viewer.

Jean Guy Lathuiliere views his particular approach to photography as a fundamentally creative process based both on logic and emotion.”nox-repetita

“There is no paradox more strange and equitable than that of capturing the essence of a world clear and fast as a stream in images, compared to that which is often obscured and laboriously inscribed on the written page.”slow-miles

His philosophical approach to image creation continues to this day.

Jean Guy was born to be a photographer.


The Pure Art GalleryPure Art Gallery

The Pure Art Gallery has been developed in response to interest and demand by our personal and business contacts in the UK and Europe, and the many visitors to our successful Purefrancenow website.

As many of our clients have recently emphasised, you cannot have a website business dedicated to extolling the virtues of France without including Art! It is simply embedded in the essence of French history and culture, and pervades all aspects of life in France.