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Purefrancenow during 2008 has launched 'The Roannais Directory' on their very successful website,  specialising in the promotion of the Roannais region in the Rhône-Alpes.La Maison Troisgros is dedicated to 'shouting out' the gastronomic pleasures to be discovered in this beautiful, but under-discovered, region in France.

It is an exceptional place for high quality cuisine of both classic, traditional food, but also that of the high quality, gastronomic, 'haute-cuisine' of the likes of La Maison Troisgros ( 3 Michelin-starred restaurant in the centre of Roanne). But also much, much, more!

There is a vast choice of all types of cuisine to suit the occasion and the 'pocket'.La Colline du Colombier

In fact, prices are incredibly reasonable, particularly in the many superb family-run restaurants which feature very strongly throughout this delightful part of France.

This obvious good-value-for-money in no way detracts from the overall quality of food or conviviality of the service.

Purefrancenow, with over 12 years of direct experience of the Roannais, has visited, and reviewed many restaurant establishments here.Le Chateau de Champlong

We know, personally, many of the patrons and 'chef de cuisine's' of individual restaurants in the Roannais, and those situated in the main township of Roanne.


We stand by our assessments, descriptions, and recommendations of all the restaurants which appear on our site, both as editorial reviews in our Purefrancenow News and Reviews Blog' , or those restaurants listed within our special Roannais Restaurant Directory.Pralus- famous Chocolatier

The Roannais region is proud of its gastronomic heritage, and this extends to all areas of food and drink – Confectionery, Chocolate, Patisserie, Cheese, Meat, Wine, Confiture, Olive Oil, etc., etc., along with exceptional cuisine. has featured many businesses and establishments in the Roannais region, covering all aspects of this extensive gastronomy, and individual products and services.

There is a wealth of information available to the discerning leisure traveller, and businessman who is interested in good, quality food, and some of the best products in France.L'Esprit Magazine, featuring Restaurant 'Le Petit Prince'


We believe in the Roannais, and cannot over-emphasise its incredible variety of special gastronomic secrets waiting to be discovered. All situated amongst some of the most stunningly beautiful countryside in France.

Find out more, and visit

Their 'Gourmet Week-ends' or 'Celebration Events' oppportunities are also worth looking at!