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During the last 3 months a number of well-known Roannais restaurants have committed to promoting their establishments and cuisine on the Purefrancenow website in our 'Roannais Restaurants Section'.

We believe, of course, that this is an excellent decision.

For a start, these restaurants will be presented professionally and creatively on the Purefrancenow site, and some of them have already had free editorial and reviews written and published in the Purefrancenow 'News and Reviews Blog'.

Not only that, but they will all be 'Actively' recommended to all our holiday visitors, leisure travellers, and business contacts visiting and travelling to the Roannais region.

Purefrancenow will also be covering these restaurants throughout the year in various editorial features on our website, which has over 40,000 page visits per year (Google Analytics).

These establishments, and any other businesses featured on the Purefrancenow website will also have the opportunity of being part of our UK promotional coverage, and editorial activities which provide over 2.5 million potential 'viewers' per year.

Incredible! But, true! 

The quality and service provided by these excellent Roannais restaurants is superb. Each with its own individual approach to both traditional and gastronomic cuisine.

These first series of restaurants reflect the wonderful variety which is available throughout the Roannais region in the Rhône-Alpes.

The magic, too, of the beautiful Roannais countryside truly complements what these restaurants have to offer.

Le Chateau de Champlong

Le Petit Prince 

Le Bonheur est dans le Pré 

La Rocadine

Jacques Cœur

These, and other high quality restaurants of the Roannais have also been covered separately in editorial through our 'News, Reviews, Blog' section  – such as the famous 3 Michelin-starred restaurant, La Maison Troigros, and their bistro restaurant, Le Central, and also their new, exciting, auberge-style restaurant, La Colline du Colombier. Visit our 'Restaurant' Blog section for some interesting reviews on all these top gastronomic restaurants.

Just visit and go to our 'Roannais Restaurant Directory' for more detailed information on all of these excellent establishments.

They are all worth a visit! And there's even more to come!!