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Success for ‘La Rocadine’ Chef in Paris!

Jérôme Sadot, innovative young chef at La Rocadine, a well-frequented local Roannais restaurant, has been recently selected for the final of the 59th ‘Concours Européen du Prix Culinaire Prosper Montagné 2009.

His success so far in this auspicious competition is a testament to his creative and original cooking skills, as well as his determination and commitment to achieve quality recognition for his restaurant,’La Rocadine’.

This yearly culinary competition encourages up and coming chefs from all over France to test their culinary skills against their contemporaries. They are, of course, also demonstrating and showcasing their creativity and quality of approach to gastronomy, and the use of high quality produce and ingredients.

And, not only that, but once even being selected for the final competition in Paris, like Jérôme Sadot has this year, it will reflect beneficially on his restaurant back in the Roannais as a clear testament to the quality of the chef behind ‘La Rocadine’s menu and service! A great Opportunity for him!

Congratulations, so far!

Purefrancenow will report back after the final on 2nd February 2009.

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