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At the beginning of October the 6th 'Roanne Table Ouverte' was launched with style and panache.Roanne Table Ouverte - October 2008

This exceptional October 'OPEN TABLE' event in the Roannais, where restaurants and producers in the region present their wares and offer a combination of special gastronomic, theatrical and musical events at their individual restaurants, was opened at 'Halles Diderot' (a fantastic indoor market situated in the centre of Roanne).Halles Diderot, Roanne

Purefrancenow has already introduced and reviewed the Halles Diderot in editorial during the last year on our 'News, Reviews Blog'. You can visit this introduction now at 'Les Halles Diderot'.

Halles Diderot could not really be a better place for starting this year's October fun and gastronomy in the Roannais.Fruits of the Sea!Fromagerie Mons - exceptional cheeses!Even More Savours!




 Halles Diderot




And judging by the number of people queuing to get in for the first evening event it was going to be a resounding success!

Many local producers and products were well represented, including cheese, meat, poultry, fish, charcuterie,, confiture, wine, bread, confectionery, chocolate, and much more.Pure Indulgence and Pleasure!Gastronomy galore!






There were gastronomic delicacies on offer at each 'stall', and all served with the normal French conviviality and enthusiasm. It's going to be a great October here in the Roannais!!