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The BBC Programme Escape to the Country goes to Europe. By Brian Franklin

The successful BBC programme Escape to the Country  is moving over to the continent, so we are told.

‘Escape to the Country goes to Europe’, which will be a spin-off from the popular property series, ‘Escape to the Country’ currently running on the BBC.

If you are unfamiliar with the format, the BBC help people, who live in urban areas, relocate to the countryside, and the new programme will be following a similar format but with people who wish to emigrate to Europe.

The BBC are now asking, “Do you dream of a new life in Europe? Let us help you!”

The UK’s longest running relocation show, BBC’s ‘Escape to the Country’, is expanding and they’re looking for people who are thinking of embarking on a continental adventure!

Over 5 years ago, now, we started our own journey to fulfil our ‘Dream Home’ in France, and have now written a book of our  continental adventure called, “Living the French Dream”

Click on the book preview below:

Living the French Dream

 ‘Living the French Dream’ by Brian Franklin


So come on all you ‘Dreamers’,  let the BBC know.

Please email your name, telephone number and a little bit about your move to or call her directly on 01494 733551. It’s definitely worth finding out if you can become one of the lucky one’s to feature in your own programme and create your own adventure. Great fun!