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The Medieval Village of Perreux in the Roannais

The countryside environs associated with Perreux were established over 1000 years ago, and the first time that the village and commune of Perreux is mentioned in historical records is in 1080 when it was listed as the ‘key’ to the Côte du Forez and the Beaujolais. Here it remained until the late 1880’s when the departmental lines were redrawn, and Perreux became part of the Loire region, linking it to Lyon ans Saint Etienne. This marvellous medieval hill village, and its traditional  buildings date back to the 16th century.

This is a delightful, characterful place  situated within the Loire region near Roanne in the Rhône-Alpes, and is ideally placed at the gateway to the beautiful Roannais region with its varied farmland, countryside, vineyards, valleys, mountains, and the meandering river La Loire. Simply stunning!

Along with many of the ancient villages here in the Roannais, Perreux has a colourful history.

Perreux has also developed over the last 10 years or so with many of its medieval buildings being careful conserved and sympathetically renovated.

The local council and mayor has also invested in much needed development and renovation throughout the village, and it is now particularly interesting and charming for visitors and tourists.

Just recently the new mayor of Perreux, Monsieur Guy Monroe, has organised the publication of an improved ‘magazine style’ version of the Perreux Bulletin. This yearly publication features many aspects of village life, along with both personal stories, and business features which relate to Perreux.

All details and information of local village and communal tax investments and development accomplished during the previous year are clearly presented, along with the objectives for the communal development work in the following year.

This year, a locally renowned photographer and designer, Stéphane Archambault, has been involved in the total design and production of the January 2009 Perreux magazine. His new photography of the village, in particular, clearly emphasises its true beauty and stunning location.

So, there is no doubt that Perreux and the surrounding region of the Roannais is well worth a visit, and is certainly a rewarding place for summer holidays, weekend breaks, or for the location of special business events.

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