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The Taste of Pralus Chocolates is Pure Paradise from the Roannais!

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Pralus offers an extensive high quality range of chocolate products for all occasions.

François Pralus is an exceptional Master Chocolate Maker because he is one of the few in France to manufacture his own chocolate. Today almost 100 tons of Pralus Chocolate are manufactured and sold each year.

François Pralus works with dried cocoa beans that he receives from the very best cocoa plantations all over the world, especially from South American and Indonesia.

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From these exceptional beans he produces around fifteen pure varieties and 4 blends.

“I do everything myself says François Pralus, rather than buying from specialised suppliers.”

And he has gone even further since he now has his own cocoa bean plantation in Madagascar.

François Pralus has always passionately loved Madagascar and has owned a cocoa bean plantation and a packaging plant there since the year 2000. Madagascar.

With a concern for protecting the environment and the quality of its cocoa beans the plantation has made a commitment to sustainable development and since 2007 it has held an Bio Ecocert certification. Created in 1991, Ecocert is an independent body specialised in certifying organic farming products.

François Pralus is one of the very few chocolate makers who roast their own cocoa beans, thus manufacturing his chocolate from beginning to end. In his factory in Roanne, he receives the very best varieties of cocoa beans from around twenty tropical regions of the world.

Converting cocoa beans into chocolate is a long process and requires a lot of know-how to keep the flavour of the beans intact and produce a chocolate of incomparable taste.