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The restaurant, La Maison Troisgros in the centre of Roanne, in the Roannais, Rhone-Alpes region is famous, of course, for its  culinary success for over 40 years! This 3-Michelin-starred restaurant is an ultimate gastronomic experience.

Marie-Pierre and Michel Troisgros, however, have recently ventured into the nearby region of Bourgogne where they have just opened a new restaurant (in fact, their 3rd one in the area), called La Colline du Colombier.La Colline du Colombier

La Colline du Colombier


According to some of the local information, and the Troisgros website, this has been both a project of the heart as well as of business!

They have fallen in love with the natural beauty of the region's countryside, and this ancient farm which now houses a superb new restaurant (an auberge, actually, which means an 'inn' in English).

Purefrancenow has visited the site during recent months and has monitored its progress with great anticipation!

It has been developing with exceptional care and attention to detail.Pots!

The Troisgros's description of this new 'gem' clearly demonstrates a new approach to combining cooking and lifestyle, with a personal commitment to the sensitive preservation of an ancient farm, and it's nostalgic reflection of a traditional, but past way of life.Side elevation

" La Colline du Colombier near the little village of Iguerande is 15 km from Roanne, towards Burgundy.

It overlooks the Loire and the canal nearby, and is surrounded by pastures, home to the famous Charolais breed of cattle.

The farm is perched on the heights of Iguerande on the edge of the Charolais, and this incredible location is being turned into a living space – changing everyday as work progresses to craft this beautiful place into a sanctuary for eating, living, and pure enjoyment.Gardens with new planting

In the garden, 200 species of plants and trees have already been planted, particularly a collection of Cornus, under the expert guidance of artist-botanist Lilliana Motta.

She has preserved the existing vegetation while restructuring the external aspects of the property, and creating a new perspective on the splendid countryside.Some of the 200 newly planted trees

With the help of architect, Patrick Bouchain, Marie-Pierre and Michel Troisgros have transformed the original farm, being careful to preserve its natural history and idyll.

The site consists of 3 buildings:-

The big barn, which once housed the animals, has been transformed into an Inn (Auberge) with 60 covers.

A small building of Loire stone has become the reception area.


Further away, the farmhouse and its tower (an original dovecote) have been fitted out to house two families of four.

On the hillside they have built 3 "Cadoles", small houses on piles. Made of wood, steel, and Canvas, they are conceived as big balconies overlooking nature"The beauty of the surrounding landscape

The description of this wonderful place, which the Troisgros's are breathing fresh life into, emphasises a real conservation approach to the whole project. It is obviously intended for the place to continue to develop and 'grow' organically over time – almost like nature itself!

" Marie-Pierre and Michel's aim was to restore the buildings without losing their soul. Stone and cob walls were repaired, as were the beams and roofs. They maintained their rural simplicity while adding an element of contemporary contrast and interior modern comfort.

The building work has taken a long-term conservation approach that has preserved the existing structures and landscape.

They have favoured the use of natural materials such as wool and cork insulation, and wall coverings in hemp felt and leather. 

The Inn's atmosphere is intimate and magical.Open Kitchen

Its wood beams are sensational, the kitchen workshop is open-to-view, the tables are arranged around a large wooden chimney, the glass chandeliers have been created by the artist Jean Lautrey.

The walls have been left in their original form, creating a 'mineral' mosaic.

Small openings frame and emphasise a landscape of beautiful farmland criss-crossed by hedges and trees.

The existing land, bordered by hedgerows and traditional wood fences, is planted with beech, honeysuckle and hawthorn.

These cut through the landscape, creating a series of gardens that frame the view of this hilly countryside"

"To breathe new life into an abandoned spot, to feel the peace and quiet of a beautiful countryside, to welcome guests simply, but perfectly – little-by-little the Troisgros's project has taken shape"


La Colline Colombier was opened during June 2008.

Reservations for Accommodation – Telephone: 0033 603583045

Reservations for the Auberge      – Telephone: 0033 3858407