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This is an introduction and a sincere recommendation to a relatively new local restaurant in Le Coteau, near Roanne which we have visited two or three times during the last month.'La Rocadine'

In fact, on my first visit I was met by the Chef de Cuisine who, to my surprise, was an old  acquaintance who ran a previous restaurant in nearby Vougy called Les Trois Moineaux –  Jérôme Sadot. A young up and coming Chef now with a lot of experience under his apron!Jérôme Sadot - Owner and Chef de Cusine 'La Rocadine'

His father Christian Sadot originally owned and ran Les Trois Moineaux, and after Jérôme had taken over for a couple of years or so it was finally sold on to other restaurateurs.

Jérôme then went to Switzerland and also to the South of France, working in other high quality establishments for 2 years or more.

And now he has returned with his wife, Mélanie and young family of 3 children, to develop a name for himself in Le Roannais.

He is certainly doing well, so far.

The new establishment is called 'La Rocadine' 

On a recent visit, 'La Rocadine' was pretty much full  – over 80 people. (The restaurant's potential capacity is about 100 covers). It was buzzing!

Possibly a little too much for the relatively small, but dedicated, team behind the scenes in the kitchen and at front of house!

Mélanie also works as maitre d'hôtel and on reception.Reception

In typically Jérome fashion, his menu and presentation is traditional French with contemporary and original styling – a winning combination, along with the use of high quality, locally bought produce.

part of the restaurant interiorThe interior is spacious and modern with a hint of local French style. Bright, clean, and  welcoming.

It's a good sign when many local French people are eating and enjoying themselves there!

Outside there is a large terrasse with  canopies for  'alfresco' dining.

I sat outside, enjoying the warmth of the evening and watching the slow sunset.

I started with a country paté  with fruit chutney, simple salad and light french dressing. 

This was excellent, and the fruit chutney had a slight hint of aniseed, probably from a pastis infusion. All served beautifully on a white oblong plate decorated at the edges with  a creative swirl of balsamic.

I followed this with a superb main course – Pavé de Charolais with sauce bordelaise.Not 'bien cuit' (well done), but 'moyenne' (medium) – it was perfectly cooked, certainly for me!!

This dish was served on a large 12" square, glass embossed assiette, with a tomato and cucumber vinaigrette, and delightful dauphin gratinoise.

Of course, it goes without saying that I washed this superb meal down with an excellent half bottle of red wine – Chateauneuf du Pape, La Paillousse 2003 – 16 euros (£12).

I was pretty much well on my way to being replete when my 'fromage blanc' arrived.     (A choice of this or 'fromage sec' is  normal in 'Le Roannais')

I finished off with dessert – créme brullée lavande. Prettily presented with a small sprig of lavander, and just a hint of lavander in the créme anglais. 

All this menu for only 26 euros (£18 without the wine, of course). Fantastic !

This small, convivial restaurant has become very popular in a very short space of time.

I really hope it continues on the up. I certainly recommend it for an easy, low cost meal of exceptional quality for a local family restaurant in this region.

Full marks, Jérome and Mélanie for a wonderful evening, and thanks for the excellent service, and, of course, for the traditional after-meal ice cold 'eau de vie'  to help with the  digestion!

We'll be seeing you again very soon!

And definitely recommending you to all our friends!La Rocadine

'La Rocadine'

ZAC Les Plaines, 42120 Perreux, near Roanne

Telephone: 0033 (0)44 77 71 45 33

Open all days, except Monday, and National Holidays